Project Dependency Management


The following is a list of compile dependencies in the DependencyManagement of this project. These dependencies can be included in the submodules to compile and run the submodule:

GroupId ArtifactId Version Type
attjsapi attjsapi 1.0 jar
bibtex javabib 1.0 jar
ch.ethz.globis omsjp 1.2.0 jar
ch.ethz.globis.idoc idoc-core 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.idoc idoc-export 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.idoc idoc-gui 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.idoc idoc-print 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.idoc idoc-viewer 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.idoc idoc-xps 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.idoc.anoto anotoUtil 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.idoc.ghostscript gswrapper 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.ipublish ipublish-cms 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.ipublish ipublish-oo 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.ipublish ipublish-pdf 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.openoffice oo-core 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.openoffice oo-drawing 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.openoffice oo-trackchange 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.touristguide touristguide-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.touristguide touristguide-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.util gpssimulator 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.util util 1.1-SNAPSHOT jar
ch.ethz.globis.xps xpsutils 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
com.db4o db4o-java5 6.3.201 jar
com.db4o db4o-nqopt 6.3.201 jar
com.famfamfam silkicons 1.3 jar googleapi 1.0 jar
com.illposed osc 1.0 jar
com.lowagie itext 2.0.0 jar
com.objy objy 1.0 jar
com.odi pro 1.0 jar
com.sun.jna jna 1.0 jar
com.utmpc UTMConverter 1.0 jar
com.wiigee wiigee 1.1 jar
com.wiigee wiigee-lib 1.5.6 jar
com.wiigee wiigee-plugin-wiimote 1.5.6 jar
commons-cli commons-cli 1.1 jar
commons-codec commons-codec 1.3 jar
commons-collections commons-collections 3.2 jar
commons-configuration commons-configuration 1.3 jar
commons-httpclient commons-httpclient 3.1 jar
commons-io commons-io 1.4 jar
commons-lang commons-lang 2.2 jar
commons-logging commons-logging 1.1.1 jar
commons-math commons-math 1.1 jar
de.johannburkard.nativecall nativecall 0.4.1 jar
de.johannburkard.nativecall nativeloader 0.4.1 jar
freetts freetts 1.0 jar
gjt gjt 1.0 jar
java3d vecmath 1.3.1 jar
javax.comm comm 2.0 jar
javax.servlet servlet-api 2.4 jar
jawin jawin 1.0.19 jar
jaxen jaxen 1.1 jar
jdom jdom 1.0 jar
jdom jdom-contrib 1.0 jar
jecf jecf 1.0 jar
jgraph jgraph jar
jgraph jgraphaddons 1.0.2 jar
junit junit 4.1 jar
log4j log4j 1.2.14 jar
myscript engine 1.0.7 jar
myscript hwr 1.1.0 jar
myscript inksearch 1.0.1 jar
net.sf.bluecove bluecove 2.1.0 jar
net.sf.bluecove bluecove-gpl 2.1.0 jar
org.apache.xmlgraphics xmlgraphics-commons 1.2 jar
org.fife.plaf officeLnFs 2.6 jar
org.freedesktop.tango tango-icon-theme 0.8.1 jar
org.htmlparser htmlparser 1.6-STATIC jar
org.jpedal jpedalSTD 3.40 jar
org.openoffice juh 2.3.1 jar
org.openoffice ridl 2.3.1 jar
org.openoffice unoil 2.3.1 jar
org.safehaus.jug jug-asl 2.0 jar
org.sigtec sigtec 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-cache 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-database 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-graphix 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-ink 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-input 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-jdom 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-multimedia 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-net 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-om 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-util 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-win 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.sigtec sigtec-xmlrpc 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.swinglabs wizard 1.0 jar
org.tuio tuio-lib 1.0 jar
org.ximtec.iflash iflash 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-common 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-graffitiLetters 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-graffitiLetters-db4o 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-graffitiLetters-gestures 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-graffitiLetters-xml 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-graffitiNumbers-db4o 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-graffitiNumbers-gestures 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-graffitiNumbers-xml 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-msApplicationGestures 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-msApplicationGestures-common 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-msApplicationGestures-db4o 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-msApplicationGestures-gestures 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-msApplicationGestures-xml 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-multistrokeGestures 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-multistrokeGestures-db4o 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-multistrokeGestures-gestures 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-db-multistrokeGestures-xml 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-demo 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-framework 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-geco 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-io 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.igesture igesture-tool 1.2-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.ipaper ipaper 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.ipaper ipaper-authoring 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.ipaper ipaper-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.ipaper ipaper-common 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.ipaper ipaper-core 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.ipaper ipaper-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar ipaperinfo 1.0-SNAPSHOT pom ipaperinfo-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar ipaperinfo-core 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar ipaperinfo-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar isis 1.0-SNAPSHOT pom isis-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar isis-core 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar isis-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar itable 1.0-SNAPSHOT pom itable-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar itable-core 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar itable-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar paperpoint 1.0-SNAPSHOT pom paperpoint-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar paperpoint-core 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar paperpoint-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar review 1.0-SNAPSHOT pom review-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar review-core 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar review-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar touristguide 1.0-SNAPSHOT pom touristguide-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar touristguide-core 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar touristguide-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.ipaper.authoring ipaper-authoring 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.ipaper.webservice ipaperws-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.ipaper.webservice ipaperws-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.iserver iserver 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.iserver iserver-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.iserver iserver-common 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.iserver iserver-core 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.iserver iserver-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.iserver.authoring authoring 2.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.iserver.authoring iserver-authoring 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.iserver.webservice iserverws-client 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.iserver.webservice iserverws-server 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
org.ximtec.xima xima 1.0-SNAPSHOT jar
pendriver pendriver 1.0 jar
quicktime QTJava 6.4 jar
spline spline 1.0 jar
swt swt-win32 3.0m8 jar
wmcreator wmcreator 1.0 jar
xalan xalan 2.5.0 jar
xdatabase xdatabase 2.0.50-SNAPSHOT jar
xerces xercesImpl 2.6.0 jar
xml-apis xml-apis 1.0.b2 jar
xmp-apis xmp-apis 2.0.2 jar
xstream xstream 1.2.2 jar